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Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents on U.S Roads

The annual number of car accidents occurring on American roads is at a staggering figure of six million. These car accidents usually range from minor ones that cause minimal to no injuries to major crashes resulting in serious injuries and damages requiring the services of ththis law office The six million car accidents occurring annually is a blend of both minor and major crashes which in most cases leave the involved parties in needs of the services of ththis law office Annual car accidents include both minor crashes that result in minimal damage and injuries, to serious crashes that usually result in serious injuries and even death. Regardless of how carefully you drive, you are bound to find yourself needing the services of ththis law officeince car accidents seem to be inescapable. American drivers usually find themselves in different types of car accidents leaving them needing the services of ththis law office You can put yourself in a better position to avoid accidents on the road by learning the different types and how to avoid them. Here are the common types of car collisions that will leave you requiring the services of ththis law office These are the seven most common types of car accidents.

The first type of car accident common on American roads is the rear-end collision which usually happens at low speed when one driver accidentally runs into the back of another car, and they are usually common at stop signs. This type of car accident is usually the scariest of them all since you will not see the other car coming, they can cause serious injuries too. Rear-end car collisions can sometimes leave you with serious injuries requiring you to file a claim.

Sideswipe collision is another type of car accident and probably the least risky one because it involves two cars travelling in the same direction that bump into each other. You have a high chance of walking away from a sideswipe car collision unharmed though it can result in serious injuries occasionally. Side-impact collisions which are majorly attributed to impatience is another type of car accident and usually leads to fatalities and are common on busy streets or traffic light points.

Of all the types of road accidents, head-on collision usually results in fatalities the most because majority of them usually occur at high speeds. At high speed, it is very common for two cars to run directly into each other resulting in head-on collision and this is the type you should totally avoid. Car accidents can also involve one single car ramming into other objects like trees or buildings and its known as single-car accident.

Accidents that involve cars rolling over their sides or flipping over known as rollover accident is another common type even though it involves sports-utility vehicles most of time because of their large size which raise their center of gravity. Multi-vehicle pileup is the last type of car accident on this list and the one you will really want to avoid since it is the worst of them all and causes a lot of damage to the vehicles involved. You can now try to keep yourself safe on the road since you know all the common types of car accidents.