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The Top Indicators for India’s Economy

India, a land of wonderful diversity and interesting opportunities, remains high on the list of investment destinations by international investors and businesses. But what should one look at before considering investing in India? With a lot of positives – a large, educated English speaking population, stable government in the center, rising forex reserves, high value capital […]

How effective is creating trade entries when using Outside Days?

A:Trade entries based on outside days can be very effective because they offer a strictly defined limited risk and high profit potential. Outside days are the second day in a two-day pattern where both the open and close of the trading range occur outside the high and low of the previous day. Represented in candlestick […]

What does a double top tell a trader about the overall trend?

A:The double top trend is a charting pattern used in technical analysis to spot a price reversal pattern in a given security or index. As a bearish indicator, double top reversals are used for strategic exit positions. In fact, it is probably the most commonly occurring bearish pattern in securities markets. A double top refers […]

Breakout play in NHLE after major news announced – (NHLE)

Breakout play in NHLE after major news announced – (NHLE)

Nhale, Inc (NHLE)     Traders ,   The market has been on a slide over the past week or so, and because of that, I sat on the sidelines and patiently waited while researching my next pick.  Now I think the market is entering bounce mode, and what better way to play it than to focus in on a marijuana play that has been on a steady uptrend and could be ready to breakout.   Today let`s focus on Nhale, Inc (NHLE) in what could be a strong technical breakout.   NHLE is trading at $0.52, right at multi-week support

Top Forex Trading Apps

Top Forex Trading Apps

The availability of financial apps has proliferated over the past few years, making it easier than ever to get real-time updates on Foreign Exchange (FX, or Forex) markets and trade right from the palm of your hand. You can download apps specializing in the FX markets to your smartphone or other mobile device via Apple’s iTunes […]

Are Advisors Off Alternatives?

Are Advisors Off Alternatives?

Who needs alternatives? As the stock market surges on to new highs, it appears that financial advisers—- and probably their wealthy clients, are starting to ask that question. According to a benchmarking survey by Wealthmanagement.com, fewer financial advisers (70%) are recommending alternative investments—- anything other than stocks and bonds —- to their clients this year than […]

What are the main differences between momentum and trend?

A:Though they may initially appear similar, real differences exist between the concepts of momentum and trend. They are two noncompeting techniques aimed at identifying chances to buy on the upswing and sell on the downswing, serving to support or reject each other. Momentum in Technical Analysis Naturally forward-looking, momentum investing and trading relies on the […]

What are the best technical indicators to complement the McGinley Dynamic Indicator?

A:The McGinley dynamic indicator was actually designed as a smoothing tool, useful for trend following but not for generating trading signals. For this reason, it may be best to consider the McGinley dynamic indicator to be a support player for more ambitious technical tools. Some of the traders and analysts who use the McGinley dynamic […]

What are essential steps to financial due diligence?

A:Depending on the type of investment being considered: equity, debt, real estate or others, there are 10 general financial due diligence considerations. Total Value or Market Capitalization Large capitalization companies tend to have more diversified revenue streams and a larger investor base than smaller companies, which have only one or a few sources of revenue. […]

What is the Negative Volume Index (NVI) formula and how is it calculated?

A:There are two distinct versions of the Negative Volume Index, or NVI, along with one hybrid version that draws from both. Regardless of which is used, the NVI acts as a cumulative indicator that tracks the volume-driven momentum behind market movements. Its functionality is two-fold: the confirmation or rejection of trend strength and the anticipation […]