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Factors That Can Expose A Person To Mental Disorders

Achieving a healthy life is everybody’s desire. Many ways can be used in ensuring one is healthy. Among the factors, mental health is considered very critical in keeping yourself in a good health condition. Sometimes people can develop problems that are associated with mental health. Fortunately, there are many ways that can be incorporated in solving the problems associated with mental health. Mental disorders are caused by a number of things.
Discrimination among people. Some members in any society can feel discriminated for many reasons. Living with a disability can make one be isolated in some areas. People do not involve such people in critical activities like participation in sports, meetings and education. The people end up being lonely and feel disowned in the society the stay. This greatly leads to mental health problems.

Bereavement in a community. Some people lose the people they love most at early ages. Those deceased people mostly ark important roles in those bereaving. Stress mostly develops at the realization of such a great loss and impact created. It is very appropriate for one to seek guidance from the experienced people in such matters. People who experience a loss of their loved ones should go for counsel by professionals in mental health issues.

Child abuse is also a severe cause of mental health disorders. Some children might be brought up by single parents due to divorce or deceased of one. Parents that divorce exposes their children to stress, especially in times of trouble. Lack of parental care is experienced to such children. This strongly affects their normal routines, thus leading to mental problems.

Stigma is a critical cause of mental health disorders. The most common stigma experienced in many communities is that of HIV/AIDS. People living with this virus end up being isolated in important matters. They do not get a chance to access social facilities in some places. Most people end up not associating with them for such a condition. Such isolations may lead to those being isolated to be stressed and developmentally disorders.

Social class. The society is divided into two, those that belong to the rich class and those in poverty. Basic needs are mostly acquired only by those in high class. The rich always oppress the poor when working for them; thus they feel as low humans This easily exposes one to mental health disorders.

Lastly, attack by other diseases may cause mental disorders. Some diseases are very chronic and last long when they find a way into human beings. Ulcers alongside the stress of post-trauma are the most common of these diseases. The guidelines mentioned herein will help one reach a possible solution in keeping off from mental health problems. This causes can easily be avoided where necessary. The mostly used way of treating mental health problems is by counselling.

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